At one time or another we all experience a new beginning, typically at many times in our lives. Change is hard and yet new beginnings can often times be the open door for which we have been hoping. Life is change; it is inevitable. Yet new experiences, new opportunities, new friendships, or even a fresh chance on a familiar relationship can be a powerful occasion for growth and maturity. Change does not come easy nor does living into something new. It is hard and often requires us to give up something we’ve held onto. And that typically takes grieving.

We must let go of some piece of ourselves or perhaps let go of a coping mechanism we’ve held onto for quite some time. Maybe the new thing requires us to actually relocate in some manner. We must take time to grieve where we have been or the relationship we have had with someone and then and only then can we really begin to embrace the new beginning fully. We are oftentimes scared of the newness that lies ahead of us (perhaps some personality types experience the fear more than others). But if we trust in the Lord and in His Sovereignty, we can be assured He holds our tomorrows and that He has good things in store because He loves us.

As believers, the Lord is constantly working to make us more like His Son. This will require many new beginnings and much grief work as well as deep heart work. We are constantly letting go of our flesh to take hold of His Spirit. We know He is in the business of making things new- just look at creation. The seasons show us this- winter always leads to spring and the new beginnings of life in nature around us. Trees, flowers and plants show us this too; there is new growth springing up around us slowly but surely as winter is winding down.

How can you yield to the new beginnings around you? How do you need to grieve what is behind and look forward to what He is doing? “I am making everything new.” (Rev. 21:5 NASB). Counseling can be an opportunity to process the newness before you and grieve what is behind. We all experience life transitions and having an experienced counselor to help guide you through those difficult experiences can be very beneficial. Through counseling you can begin to see the greater purpose behind the change and discover perhaps what the Lord is up to within you through the transition. Counseling can also help you to adjust to the new beginning. Change is all around us and will continue to be part of our lives, but we can learn to accept it and even welcome it. We can trust that He is making all things new for His glory.