Identifying our priorities is an important step in stress management. It's important to take a look at everything on our plates, all our responsibilities, as well as our desires and interests, and then begin to prioritize. We often set too much on our plates and we are unable to complete it all, there's just not enough time in the day; this leads to increased stress and anxiety. One small and easy step to relieving some stress and anxiety in your life is to cut something out. Not everything we do in our days or weeks is necessary. We can, if we choose, say no to something, delegate something of ours to someone else, or just cut something out all together. But it is a choice. We must decide that it is something we are willing to let go of and be OK with that. A slower pace in life is not a bad thing, it can be refreshing and something to be enjoyed! Take a look at the things on your agenda today and throughout this week or there something you could let go of, say no to, or delegate to someone else so that you are experiencing a less stressful and anxious life? This is often a first step I help my clients assess when beginning our work in counseling. Therapy can be a great tool to learn about your priorities and how to create healthy balance in your life.