Depression can leave a person feeling weighed down, hopeless, worthless and unmotivated. When I'm counseling clients who are experiencing depression, we discuss setting not only a daily routine but setting also a few daily goals. Routine is so important to overcoming depression. A healthy sleep schedule, regular balanced meals, time for fun, social interaction and also a little productivity is a great daily routine when working to overcome depression. In my counseling work with clients experiencing depression, we also discuss goal setting. Depression can leave someone feeling worthless and hopeless. Setting and accomplishing goals - no matter how big or small - adds to self worth, confidence and positive motivation. I encourage the clients I counsel to set 3 small goals each day. Some clients prefer to set them the night before and others start with a planning session in the morning when they get up. Writing down a few manageable, achievable goals will help one begin to overcome depression. This, along with a daily routine - getting up and going to bed at around the same time every day, regular mealtimes, time for fun and social activity and time to accomplish goals - will help the depression begin to decrease. You can take small, easy steps to begin fighting your depression and counseling can be a great help to your battle if you wish!