This time of year can be hard for people for varying reasons. The holidays can be a difficult time in and of themselves. Some find themselves feeling more lonely during this time of year; others are grieving lost loved ones who won't be with them for the holidays. The time change can also be a real damper on mood due to how early it gets dark in the evenings. Some people notice that they experience more of a depressed mood this time of year simply due to the increased darkness in the evenings. It's important to soak in some sunshine when you can and to take advantage of the light hours earlier in the day to exercise or be outdoors! Continuing healthy daily routines and healthy sleep schedules are an important part of managing mood. Incorporating social activity and time with people who pour into you is another healthy part of battling depression. Being involved in something bigger than yourself is another great way to manage depression; volunteer somewhere that supports a cause you believe is worthy. Invest in yourself; take a class about something you want to learn more about or pick up a hobby you haven't touched in a while. Challenge the urge to withdraw from others and from healthy routines. Push yourself a bit and you'll find there are great benefits. Set small daily goals to accomplish. If you notice this time of year is particularly difficult for you, maybe stepping into some counseling would be a good idea. Here's an article with some more basic tips for managing depression this time of year.