We live in a busy, fast-paced society. Information is coming at us in so many different ways all the time: phone calls, emails, texts, and the many social media sites. And let's not forget face to face communication either! It's no wonder so many people experience a great deal of stress. In addition to receiving so much information at a fast pace, we also all wear many hats; some of us are not only individuals, but we're also spouses, friends, children, parents, siblings, coworkers, employees, bosses, etc. There's a great deal of responsibility on our plates in addition to all the information we're constantly fielding. There never seems to be enough vacation, weekends aren't nearly long enough and holidays don't seem to come often enough nor are they ever as relaxing as we'd like. In our counseling sessions, I encourage my stressed out and anxious clients to take a look at the amount of information they are receiving (and sending) as well as the pace of their schedules. We could all stand to slow down a little bit, to take more time for rest, vacation and relaxation (even if it's just an hour or a day). Perhaps there are things in your life that can stand to be put on hold for a while. Or maybe you don't have to check your email or phone so many times per day. Give your mind some time to relax, some time that information isn't screaming at it! Take time each day and some extended time each week to just relax. Maybe that looks like getting outside and enjoying the weather, maybe it looks like reading a fun book or wandering through a museum. Perhaps it's taking in a movie or sitting by the pool. Leave the phone somewhere else or turn it on silent (if you think you can refuses checking it every few minutes!!). Do something that calms you and rejuvenates you; doing these things helps to lower your stress levels. Maybe you'll find there are things in your daily or weekly schedule that can be cut out altogether so that you can have a healthier paced lifestyle. Maybe you'll find that your current schedule is just fine but by adding in some down time each day and each week, you'll de-stress better! Either way, take some time to slow down and reflect! If you are looking for some more ideas of quick ways to de-stress, read this brief article here from CNN Health.