Oftentimes we realize or others point out to us, that we are not making healthy choices for ourselves. Perhaps it's in nutrition, exercise, daily routine, job, or relationships that we are making poor choices. But at some point we realize we are not doing good things for ourselves. I work with many clients in counseling to identify what those choices are and the underlying factors driving them towards those unhealthy choices. Sometimes depression or anxiety brings them into counseling, sometimes it is a failed or failing relationship. We begin to identify the things in their lives that are unhealthy and look at why those things are present in their lives. Oftentimes we find that low self esteem or poor self respect play a role in these poor choices. Then we begin to dig a little deeper as to why that low self worth or self respect is present. We may talk about childhood wounds or an unhealthy romantic relationship in one's past. Then we work to heal those wounds and change the false beliefs those wounds have caused one's sense of self. This is hard work and I'm constantly in awe of my clients for the amount of effort they put into the journey of counseling. There is high reward though; when we change our false beliefs and adopt an accurate view of self, we begin to make healthy choices for ourselves. This leads us in a positive direction and towards things we want in life. If you find yourself stuck in a cycle of poor choices and can't figure out why or how to get out, consider counseling as a way to support you and help you navigate to a healthier place!