We live in a quick fix society. You are hungry and you want food now? No problem, there are a billion fast food places that will serve you up a full "meal" in under 2 minutes! You need info and you need it now? Just pull out your smart phone connected to the World Wide Web and you'll have any info you need at the touch of a button, in seconds! You need something to wear and hate your current wardrobe? No problem, there are hundreds of stores within 5 miles of your home for you to purchase one of the thousands of clothes items they have on their shelves. We have so many things right at our finger tips or just around the corner. We are spoiled brats! Even those of us that think we don't have much at all, we are beyond rich compared to the majority of the world's population. What has all this taught us? Well, for one thing, we don't have to wait for what we want. What we want should come easy and quickly. We know very little about waiting in our culture. So when things don't come easy, we get frustrated really quickly. When the marriage doesn't turn around as fast as we'd like, when our teen doesn't shape up quick enough, when we don't get relief from the depression as soon as we need, we are ready to throw in the towel. We're ready to give up. I wonder what other cultures would think of us. Some people wait days, sometimes weeks for a meal, a meal that might not even come. They most certainly know about perseverance. We need to learn patience; we need to begin to learn the art of waiting. There are amazing things that can happen in the waiting process. The destination is often overrated, it's the journey that is the adventure. So keep on keeping on. Find hope in the waiting; character builds in having patience. There's much to learn as we keep on keeping on. Put the smart phone down for a weekend; only eat home cooked meals for the weekend. See what waiting for things does. See if you don't feel more at peace, more relaxed. And if you don't, ask yourself what that is about and whether or not that is a healthy thing! If you find it is unhealthy but don't know what to do about it, consider counseling!