The holidays can be a time of celebration, nostalgia and connection for some. For others this time of year evokes dread, ache and loneliness. Emotions can be heightened and tense. Whether it's due to increased family time or the lack thereof, this can be a difficult time of year. There's often more "stuff" in general on everyone's plates: holiday parties, family events, holiday shopping, decorating. These things are very enjoyable for some and miserable for others. It's important to set healthy boundaries this time of year. It's OK to say "no" to requests and OK to initiate time with others if that's needed. What's most important is to know what is best for you during this season. If your schedule is too full, perhaps it's best to prioritize and say no to the things that are lower down the list so you have more time to be present and actually enjoy the events. If your schedule is too slow and you're feeling lonely and isolated, perhaps it's finding events to attend and people to put yourself around so that you feel more engaged and connected.  Aim to understand your needs in this season first and then schedule the holidays around those. If figuring out what you need and how to prioritize are difficult for you and you feel torn and defeated, counseling can be a great outlet. Counseling can help you to identify your priorities and your desired goals. Therapy can help to weed out what's detracting from those goals and help find concrete steps to take that move you forward. This can be a season you weather well and enjoy!