We always marry the wrong person. No matter what. Realizing this truth will set you free in your marriage. When we set out to find the perfect person to marry, our "soul-mate", we set sail for failure. We must remember that to begin with we are the wrong person. We are broken, messed up, sinful. Thus we will always be the wrong person for someone to marry as they will be for us. As flawed individuals we will consistently hurt each other, let each other down and disappoint each other. When we try to find the perfect person or live in dissatisfaction over the current one we're married to, we buy into a lie. It's a lie that there's a perfect person out there for us and if we could just find them we'd be happy. American culture sells us that lie so we'll keep buying and trading and upgrading; it wants us to consume. Don't buy into the consumer lies, especially when it comes to marriage. Marriage is about 2 flawed people coming together and daily sacrificing and forgiving and aiming to actively live out love together. This article explains this concept more in depth; I encourage you to read it. If your marriage may be suffering from dissatisfaction rooted in this concept, marriage counseling can help!