Our culture is pretty busy, pretty rushed and often too serious. Play is not encouraged. Whether it's getting on the floor and playing with your kids or getting outside and playing with a friend or significant other, playtime is great for the soul. It's great to get away from our daily demands and laugh, to tap into that child-like part of ourselves that we don't see often. This can elevate mood as well as increase connection in relationships. Spending time laughing together or playing in some new activity builds new connection points in relationships. It gives great memories to look back upon and can teach new things about ourselves. When is the last time you rolled down a grassy hill or played tag? When is the last time you built a sandcastle or colored in a coloring book (adults I'm talking to you)? What might it be like to pour into that part of ourselves and our relationships through play? Good, clean, fun play. The possibilities are endless...will you get out there and give one a try?