Many clients I work with struggle with fear. Many fear what could happen, what might happen. Their thoughts spin with "What if's". These fear-based thoughts often lead to avoiding certain people or situations. Fear keeps them from changing jobs, seeking healthy relationships or going to medical professionals among other things. In counseling we discuss slowing down to identify, assess and analyze the thoughts which often leads to the realization that most of the thoughts are irrational. Once they have this knowledge, they can discover evidence that counters those irrational thoughts and being replacing them with rational alternatives.  Focusing thoughts on the true and rational, though it takes practice and effort, brings down the stress and anxiety and allows clients to move forward towards the healthy steps they desire. Fear builds upon itself so when it is left unchecked, it'll grow. But when the irrational thoughts that drive the fear are challenged and replaced,  fear decreases and feelings of hope, confidence and peace can enter and eventually grow. This process takes focus and practice but it works! I encourage clients who are just starting out to write down the fearful thoughts and then write evidence to the contrary - the rational thoughts. It helps if those are read several times per day. Over time, the mind can grab the rational thoughts more easily and dispel the fearful thoughts quicker.