My office is very close to North Carolina State University, William Peace University and Meredith College. I love working with college students to achieve the goals they desire accomplished. Many are simply trying to figure out how to adjust well to college life, how to handle being away from home for the first time and how to deal with all the new stress that comes with such a big change. Some are experiencing anxiety and panic for the first time in their lives and others are trying to figure out how to make friends and balance their academic and social lives. Other students are learning to manage a new level of exposure to peer pressure and new experiences that may or may not be healthy. I greatly enjoy working with this population of clients. We discuss how to transition well, what adjustment looks like (healthy and unhealthy) and how to manage stress, newness and anxiety. Often times with just a few sessions these young adults are adjusting much better and feeling more confident in their new school environment. With the addition of a few coping skills for anxiety and stress, as well as some help overcoming fears, they are making friends, succeeding in class and excited about their college life. Homesickness is common and we discuss ways to manage that uncomfortable feeling. Many students I work with have experienced other significant changes while also adjusting to college: death of a sibling, cancer diagnosis of a parent, parents getting divorced, etc. We not only work on the adjustment goals mentioned above, but also add in grief counseling and skills for dealing with heavy emotions and tragic change. If you are a college student struggling or if your young adult college student is having a hard time adjusting, consider counseling. Therapy can be a great resource for an adjusting college student.