Many clients come to counseling realizing they are quite guarded or shutdown. Some realize they are living more isolated than they want in their relationships. For others, relationships may have ended because they were too guarded. Therapy can help dig out the root of invulnerability and teach steps towards vulnerability. It's hard to let your guard down; for some it's really hard to open up. In counseling we look at those fears and find ways to connect in the face of them. In stepping toward vulnerability, connection happens. Isolation can then decrease and so can loneliness. Vulnerability can be learned. It's not easy and often leads to feelings of rawness or regret at first. But that's all part of the growing process. Unhealthy thinking patterns are identified and changed and connection becomes easier; opening up becomes less difficult. If you find that your relationships aren't what you'd like them to be or know they can be and you think invulnerability is contributing, counseling can be a great resource. If you find yourself feeling isolated and lonely and desire more connection, reach out to a therapist today to help!