I work with many clients who have introverted personalities and struggle to accept their introversion. They feel guilty that they don't want to be around friends or family all the time. Or they feel like something is wrong with them because they need alone time to recharge. Extroverted personalities recharge by being with others; time spent together is energizing to extroverts. Introverts gain energy from being alone or doing hobbies they love by themselves; time spent with others is draining to them. It's not that they don't like being around other people because they do! But large doses of time around others can be draining. For many introverts this feels bad; they think something is wrong with them because they are not energized by being with others. We discuss in therapy about how we are all wired differently! Different is not bad. Accepting our personalities, learning to maximize our potential, and communicating our preferences with others are crucial parts of living fulfilled. An introvert who works in an extroverted workplace where everyone is talking to them throughout the day and asking them things spur of the moment will come home and feel completely wiped. If they then spend all evening talking with their spouse and children, they will be on empty. They may become angry, irritable or depressed. Introverts have to work to carve out time each day to spend alone in order to recharge and give others their best. If finding that balance is something you struggle with, counseling can help!