Many clients I see for counseling struggle to know how to set healthy boundaries. Some clients come to therapy not knowing what boundaries are and why they are needed. Many of these clients arrive burnt out, exhausted and experiencing many health issues. Their bodies have worn down from lack of self-care. When we constantly say yes to things and people around us, we are saying no to ourselves. The longer we engage in that pattern, the more worn down we become. We end up in a vicious cycle that where we feel trapped. Counseling can help you interrupt that pattern if that happens to be where you find yourself. Therapy can help you identify and set priorities. This helps you know when to say yes or no. For many of my clients, therapy teaches them that they have to say no to some good things, even to some really good things. However in saying no to some things, they open up space in their lives to rest, reconnect with priorities, and recover. Saying no is not easy, but becomes easier with practice, and assertiveness skills can also be learned. Once clients harness these concepts and practice the skills of prioritizing, setting boundaries and being assertive, they often feel much less stressed and more fulfilled in their lives. If you are feeling overwhelmed, burned out and exhausted - perhaps some counseling can help you create some new patterns and habits that will energize your life!