I work with many clients in counseling who have difficulty identifying their feelings and knowing what to do with them. Therapy can teach you how to effectively understand and process your feelings. Feelings are important but don't need to rashly trigger our behavior. They are a great indicator but not a great dictator! Feelings help us make decisions but are only one piece of healthy decision making. For some clients feelings run every decision of every day. For other clients feelings are a foreign idea and they have no idea what they may be feeling at any given moment. When left unchecked, feelings lead us to unwise decisions and reactions. When considered properly, feelings are one great informer towards what we desire and what is best for us. Counseling can help you learn to identify your feelings and how to process them. Therapy is helpful to sort through feelings so that we are making healthy choices and decisions rather than rash reactions. If you struggle to keep your feelings under control or if you have difficulty knowing what you are feeling, counseling can be a great resource for you!