I often work with clients in therapy who are experiencing all kinds of anxiety. For some it's panic attacks, others have daily generalized feelings of anxiety, and others experience situational anxiety before a flight or a public speech. Clients who present for counseling are often paralyzed by their anxiety. Anxiety is keeping them from moving forward in their life in some way. Therapy helps them realize where they are stuck and what steps to take in order to make progress towards their goals. One primary principle we focus on in therapy to help them move out of paralysis is the thought-feeling connection. How we think affects our feelings which in turn impacts our behaviors. If I'm thinking that work is miserable and my boss hates me, I'll likely feel dread and fear before going into work. This may lead to me avoiding work or acting out at work in some way because I'm on edge. Through counseling clients learn to identify and challenge untrue, negative thoughts that are leading to heightened anxiety. This helps get them moving in healthy directions and feeling less stuck in their day to day lives. If you are finding yourself paralyzed by anxiety or know someone who is in that difficult place, counseling can be a great resource!