One of my passions is incorporating faith into the counseling process. For clients who desire, I offer Christian counseling. One thing discussed often in therapy is how to find, experience and "feel" the Lord when one is feeling depressed or anxious. Depression is tough; just getting out of bed and accomplishing a few small things feels like climbing a mountain. Anxiety can leave someone paralyzed and exhausted from debilitating fearful thinking. During times like these, finding God can seem impossible. It can seem like you're praying and He's not listening or at least like He's not responding. It can seem like you're begging Him for comfort or relief and continually coming up empty handed. And despite knowing the truth - that He's there, He cares, He's speaking and comforting, it can be difficult to experience Him or "feel" Him. Clients learn all kinds of coping skills in therapy and learn ways to manage their mood. But counseling can also be a place to dig deep into your faith, to find the Lord in new ways or find ways reconnect with Him. If you want to incorporate your faith in Christ into therapy, I'd be honored to do that with you in the therapeutic process! My graduate education taught the integration of Psychology and Theology and coupled with my personal walk with Jesus makes Christian Counseling something I'm trained in as well as a passion.