Date night is so important to maintaining a healthy relationship and keeping the fun and excitement growing. Couples who date regularly are more connected, satisfied and intimate! When I'm working with clients in marriage counseling, we always talk about date nights. Are date nights happening? How often are they dating? Are they talking, holding hands, and laughing during date night or just starting at screens? Date night is a time to connect, to learn new things about each other and share deeply with each other. During the week, we tend not to really connect and if our weekends are packed with things to do we aren't connecting. Date night lets us connect with our spouses and that is crucial to the health of a marriage. Some couples are great about scheduling date nights but get stuck in ruts and do the same thing each date. Other couples are trying to save money for something big or pay off debt and can't afford a fancy date weekly or monthly. Here are some great ideas for date nights if you're stuck in a rut or need to save money but still want to date each other! As a marriage therapist, I highly recommend date nights at least monthly. If your marriage is struggling and you've tried increasing your date nights but things are not getting better, seeking marriage counseling can be a great first step towards the marriage you desire!