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Choosing Him vs. him

I counsel many young women and teen girls who struggle with finding their identity and worth in what young men/guys think of them. If they have a boyfriend then they feel confident and worthy. But when the relationship ends they feel unworthy and insecure until the next guy comes along. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be loved and adored; we were created to be loved and to love, to know and to be known. But when that desire is put into the hands of humans and it becomes the basis for our worth and security, then we are on dangerous ground. We will never be fully satisfied or secure if we place our worth and value in other people. For my clients who are Christians, we talk about finding our worth and value in the fact that we were created by the Lord and that Christ loves us first and most! When we choose Him (Christ) rather than the "him's" of this world, we find fulfillment and joy unlike what any "him" could offer us. Here is a great article about seeking the Lord Himself rather than what His hand can offer. 

Finding a Christian Counselor

It can be hard to find a counselor that matches your belief system. But they are out there, so keep searching! If you are looking for a Christian counselor, Focus on the Family has a link that lets you search for a counselor by your location and by the counselor's specialties. Focus on the Family also has some great resources, articles and links to other resources as well on a variety of topics. The counselors on the Focus on the Family Counseling Referral list must complete a lengthy application assessing the counselor's education, background, counseling style, beliefs and approaches to various counseling situations. Counselors on their list have been approved and are licensed professionals. This is a great way to find a Christian counselor who is a licensed professional in your area. I also encourage you to browse around their site, read some articles or look at other resources they have made available.