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Keep on Keeping On

We live in a quick fix society. You are hungry and you want food now? No problem, there are a billion fast food places that will serve you up a full "meal" in under 2 minutes! You need info and you need it now? Just pull out your smart phone connected to the World Wide Web and you'll have any info you need at the touch of a button, in seconds! You need something to wear and hate your current wardrobe? No problem, ...

The Success of Persevering

Perseverance is defined as "to persist in or remain constant to a purpose, idea, or task in the face of obstacles or discouragement" (courtesy of TheFreeDictionary.) Our fast paced society gives us every thing we need at the touch of a finger (thanks Apple) and that has damaged the perseverance of our culture. We no longer need to wait for things, work at things; we just click a button and there is what we need on a screen. The things that clients present to counseling to work on often need consistent and persistent work and most often clients are not willing to give least not for long. Recently there was a huge success in one of the couples I counsel and all the credit goes to them and their perseverance!! They worked in counseling for several years and had been persisting at their goal. They achieved it and are thrilled! Their marriage will be truly blessed by their perseverance, not just in reaching this particular goal, but because of the character and devotion that was developed in their marriage. Not to say they didn't reach moments or weeks of discouragement or obstacles, because they most certainly did. But the difference with this couple is that they persevered and truly it made all the difference. I am so excited for their success but more thrilled for the foundation they have strengthened in their marriage by showing each other and themselves that they are willing and able to persevere through obstacles and discouragement to accomplish the goals of their marriage. Perseverance is a much needed quality; if we'll work to develop this in ourselves, we'll find our goals achieved...just not perhaps in our instant gratification time frame, but in a time frame that develops our character and deepens the intimacy in our relationships. 

Persistence & Sacrifice

Relationships are tough. Marriage can be more difficult than we ever imagined. In a great deal of my counseling work, I counsel worn out wives. They are trying their hardest to save and improve their marriages and I admire them so! Their persistence and sacrifice is more than admirable; it's inspiring! They get up each day and do their best to love their husbands even when they don't get emotional, mental, physical or spiritual love in return. They love anyways. Why? Because that is what love does. Love is not merely a feeling we feel and respond to; love calls us to action. And these women have entered into a covenant with their husbands. They've said that their marriages are different than the mere contracts that our society views marriage to be. These women have chosen to see their marriages Biblically; something that is broken by death, not unhappiness or inconvenience. They choose daily, sometimes 50 times per day, to love their husbands and choose their marriages over mere happiness. It's my honor to walk beside them as a Christian counselor and continue to encourage them towards their marriages and more importantly towards the Lord. They have persisted and sacrificed. They are a challenge to me in my own marriage to persist and sacrifice.