Counseling sessions are typically 50-80 minutes in length. Typically the initial session is 80-minutes in duration if clients choose this option. Otherwise counseling sessions, including the initial session are 50 minutes. After the initial counseling session, sessions are typically 50-minutes in length. 50-minutes is a typical counseling hour. Occasionally I will recommend or we will decide together that a  80-minute counseling session would be beneficial.

Please call or email me to discuss counseling fees. I do not want the fee amount to be the sole reason you do not consider counseling. When I am able, a reduced fee can be agreed upon if you are unable to pay the discussed amount for counseling sessions. Please share your financial concerns about counseling with me.

Cash or personal checks are acceptable forms of payment for counseling sessions; I also accept MasterCard and Visa. The fee you pay weekly will be determined at the beginning of our counseling work together.

I am considered an “Out-of-Network” provider. This means that the client pays the full fee up front at each counseling session and then I provide you an invoice that you file with your insurance company if you choose. Depending on your “Out-of-Network” coverage, your insurance company will reimburse you a percentage of the fee you paid should you file.

If you have concerns about the fee of counseling, please let me know. I do my best to work with each client to ensure they receive the counseling they desire at a fee they can afford.