You as the client have a right to confidentiality of all that is said and discussed in our counseling sessions. There are exceptions to confidentiality when you provide me with written permission in the form of a release of information to disclose identified information from our counseling sessions to an identified third party. There are also certain pieces of your information that will need to be shared with your managed care company for reimbursement purposes and that may be shared for consultation or supervision purposes. Also in the case of a medical emergency or if you were to bring accusations of misconduct against me, your rights to confidentiality can be waived. We can discuss your questions about confidentiality at any time.

Information that is shared in your counseling sessions will be kept confidential unless it falls under one of the following exceptions. However, even in these exceptions, I do my very best to share with you first what information from your counseling sessions I will have to share with a third party so you are fully informed.

1. If it is determined that you are a danger to yourself or to an identified third party then confidentiality can and will be breached.
2. The client-counselor confidentiality agreement can also be waived when there is evidence or suspicion of child, dependant adult or elder abuse.
3. Confidentiality will be breached if your information is subpoenaed in court.